"We National Socialists have grown accustomed since our takeover in 1933 to the particular attention of the leading politicians of the U.S.A. and of the international Jews who stand behind them. Our defensive measures against international Jewry have aroused increasing tirades against Germany in America. Sometimes it seemed as if it would be impossible to increase the flood of hatred and lies...

After leading politicians such as the American Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes and Senator Pittman attacked the German government in the foulest manner, President Roosevelt did even more in his New Year address. He tried to persuade the American people that world peace was not assured, and that it was the duty of the American people to defend three vital principles: those of religion, democracy and international good will. Roosevelt did not believe these principles were threatened by Soviet Russia or Soviet Spain, rather by authoritarian Germany and Italy.

Millions are dead in Soviet Russia and Spanish priests estimate that a half million people have been murdered there only because of their faith, but that is not important and proves nothing. The dead do not trouble the American President's conscience, indeed they did not stop him from being the single world statesman to congratulate the Soviet Russian government on the anniversary of the Bolshevist Revolution. No other statesman did this, which explains why no other statesman received such praise from the Soviet press. The Soviet press praised the "noble efforts of the great American statesman."

Roosevelt also ignored the murder of millions of people when it was called to his attention by a letter from the former Spanish ambassador in Great Britain, the Marquis de Merry del Wal. The ambassador told Mr. Roosevelt the following:

Your country's press tells the world of Your Excellency's protests against the "persecution of the Jews" in Germany. According to the press, you are deeply distressed by these events. How is it then that the murder and massacre of 400,000 defenseless men, women and children in Spain has not resulted in the slightest distress on your part? These unfortunate people did not die on the battlefields of a civil war. They were torn from their homes and murdered in public not only because of their political, but also their religious, beliefs. Their murderers openly declared their goal of destroying the very civilization that Your Excellency defends. They have intentionally destroyed thousands of churches and monuments along with uncounted works of art and private homes. They have torn the clothes from nuns and revealed them to everyone's eyes. They raped women and looted to a degree unknown in the annals of the Christian era.

Your own ambassador, Your Excellency, against all the laws, norms and customs of international law, has been forced to live away from the government to which he is accredited, since as he said his personal security would otherwise be in danger. I further know, Your Excellency, that you have received certain proof of my assertions, for I have made efforts to ensure that you have received reports that support what I have said. Despite that, Your Excellency, you complain about events in Germany, events that cannot be compared with what is happening in Spain-and you have not given even the slightest sign of disapproval at the death of hundreds of thousands of people who have 18 million fellow believers who are among the best citizens of your country, far more than the two million Jews.

These people have been murdered solely because of their beliefs. Mr. Roosevelt however has never spoken of a threat to faith or religion. But they were only believers in a Christian church, after all. Mr. Roosevelt is conducting a crusade against the authoritarian states under the banner of religion only because the religious compatriots of his closest friends have been put in their place in the authoritarian states.

If President Roosevelt believes that he has to take the field to defend democracy, we may ask where and when we have ever threatened or attacked democracy. In the past years Germany has done nothing more than to partially undo the injustices inflicted on it by the predecessor of the current president of the U.S.A. Germany has not arbitrarily altered the map of Europe as he did, creating states against the will of their peoples only for purposes of power politics. It has only reclaimed its citizens who suffered a decade long under governments foreign or hostile to Germany...

In a closed session, he told the Defense Committee of the Senate that the United States must be ready to support England and France in the event of a European war. The President reportedly even suggested that definite agreements already existed to this effect. He further proposed the unrestricted sale of war materials to Western Europe. The only restriction was that they had to be able to pay for it. When a member of the American Senate asked how this policy could be squared with the law demanding strict neutrality over against Europe, Roosevelt replied: "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

These revelations naturally were a sensation throughout the world. The impact was greater than the master of the White House in Washington wanted. He therefore denied the reports. The force of his denial was somewhat weakened by excited reports in the American press in which various members of Congress refused to be called liars, and furthermore suggested that Roosevelt had said even more during the session than has been reported. The force of the denial was also weakened by a cynical article in a French newspaper that noted that "the strength of the claim has not been weakened, for it is not a matter of the letter of the law, but of the spirit."...

Roosevelt is acting as the mouthpiece and puppet of international Jewry when he attacks the authoritarian states. They want to use every means to destroy the newly awakened nations...

The leaders of the Soviet Union tried to persuade their people that true communism could only develop after all the other states of the world were allies of the powers in Moscow, and the Red rulers in Soviet Spain tried and tried to conceal their governmental incompetence by unleashing a world conflict. We are not surprised to see the American President in such company. The real rulers of the Soviet Union are the same as in the United States: international Jewry.

The truth of this claim is confirmed by the behavior of the wife of the American President. Mrs. Roosevelt, as a sign of her support for the Spanish Bolshevist rulers, accepted a gift of stolen etchings by Spanish masters. Mrs. Roosevelt chaired an exhibition of busts of Spanish Communist leaders, made by the Jew Josef Davidson. She also invited the well-known top Bolshevist Toller to lunch. She surrounds herself with wounded bigwigs of Soviet Spain under whose orders 500,000 Spaniards were killed only because they were faithful to their beliefs and their religion...

America today is not governed by men like Roosevelt, Ickes, etc., rather its fate is determined by the Jews who stand behind them, Jews like Baruch, Frankfurter, Morgenthau, etc. They are the real rulers of America, and Roosevelt, Ickes, etc., are only their tools. The fact that this is known in America is evident from a variety of newspaper articles. The "New York Daily News," for example, wrote that "the wave of anti-Semitism in America has increased significantly in recent weeks and months." The fact that the Jew Bernard Baruch, the President's closest adviser, is called the unofficial president of the United States is proof of this fact.

But enough of that. We refuse to interfere in the affairs of other nations. We think that every country gets the Jews that it deserves.

But we demand the same principle be extended to us. Let Mr. Roosevelt carry out his reforms and crusades in his own country. He will not live long enough to do it all. We do not think we have yet seen anything on the other side of the ocean that is worth imitating. We think it not a sign of ability, rather of incompetence, that a nation with such enormous resources and space, with all modern methods, finds itself in such mass misery and is unable to do anything to alleviate that misery.

Where would Roosevelt be if he had had to deal with the situation the Führer faced when he took power in Germany? Mr. Roosevelt has agricultural resources more than sufficient to feed the country, yet his people are starving. His country has enormous resources, yet millions are unemployed. There is only one conclusion to be drawn."