Here are some quotes from “With Hitler on the Road to Power” by Dr. Otto Dietrich

The "Dritte Reich" stands firm. It rests on its foundations, on the immortal values of the Nordic Race, and in the depth of Germany's soul.

We call Adolf Hitler our "Leader" (Fuehrer), because that is what he is. He united State and Nation in Germany.

Only the eye-witness, who has experienced day by day, at the side of Adolf Hitler, the wave of love and enthusiasm which greets him from every class of German, can realize that such ovations, so rare in the life of statesmen, signify no artificial feeling, but genuine affection.. Hundreds, thousands throng the streets and roads, and surge toward his car.. The scenes which we witness day by day are touching and heart-rending. They are not isolated examples, but occur everywhere.

The history of the National Socialist Movement shall be handed down to posterity as the epic of the resurrected German Nation.

With indomitable will and unprecedented perseverance, which no reverse can dishearten, this previously unknown man of the people, with a few faithful adherents, dared to pierce the lines of the Marxist terror.. He knows; terror is not overcome by intellect, but by terror.

Adolf Hitler was not permitted to speak in public. The party lacked the most essential means. It’s existence during the following years – probably the most arduous of its life – was one long series of persecutions, muzzling, and trickery. Whoever admitted National Socialism, was banished from civil life, from the decadent bourgeoisie and from the class-conscious workers. The mere suspicion of National Socialism meant the loss of employment and bread, boycott and ruin of business interests, the inevitable acceptance of misery.

Hundreds, thousands were imprisoned by the November State Government. Throughout the streets raged bloodshed and scenes of Marxist terror. All the powers of hell were let loose against the advancing young movement.

After twelve years of inconceivably laborious preparation, the N.S.D.A.P. felt strong enough to knock at the door of power in the Reich.

But strong elements of economic opposition were still prevalent, and these he attacked at the beginning of 1932.

Even today, I can picture this meeting of prominent men. We came for Godesberg, and drove up to the Park Hotel, amidst the hooting of the Marxists. The room was over crowded. Huddled together, sat the chief West German magnates. There were familiar and unfamiliar faces. Men in the public eye , and those quiet , but no less influential powers, who, moving behind the scenes, control the fate of economy by the soft sounds issuing from their private offices- men said to bear a ledger rather than a heart.

Joyful expectation brightened the faces of those already converted. But the vast majority bore an air of superiority and cool reserve- probably flattered that Hitler had approached them. Mere curiosity, and general interest lured them to the meeting. They wanted to hear Hitler speak. They had no intention of being converted; the came to criticize, seeking confirmation of their own infallible opinion.

Our leader received a chilly ovation; he spoke from a slightly raised, projecting balustrade, he hands resting lightly on the iron railing. I sat, amongst the listeners, taking notes, and observing the effect of his speech which lasted for over two hours. From world political perspective and with cogent logic, out leader elucidated the relations between economy and politics, their reciprocal effect, and their results in Germany. He explained the cause of the situation , and proposed the only possible remedy.

The general impression upon this group of most impassive listeners was astounding. After an hour, their chilly reserve gave way to intense interest. Hitler spoke of the titanic struggle of his political warriors, needy and persecuted, but making every sacrifice, even that of life, for their nation. He contrasted the German youth’s unselfish idealism, personified in National Socialism, and the noble character of working-class followers, with the lack of comprehension, the materialism, and the heavy guilt of the purely economically established Bourgeoisie. He pricked their social conscience without causing offence.

They began to flush, fixed their gaze upon out Leader’s lips, and it seemed as if their hearts were moved. He spoke to their very souls. Faint, then thundering applause greeted Hitler at the conclusion of his speech; he had won a battle.

The Jewish and Marxist Press lied boldly next day that Hitler had feasted with the industrial magnates on champagne and lobsters. Actually, a few minutes later, the night say us on the road again, bent on fresh work.

Next day, Hitler addressed with equal success the Crefeld Silk magnates in Godesberg. Later the national club in Hamburg. Everywhere, the scene was the same.

Those were daring journeys, fraught with danger, through the very strongholds of the Marxist potentates who were on the track of their hated, sworn foe.

But Adolf Hitler fought his way through. The number-plate of his car was smeared with oil and coated with dust- quite indiscernible.

Then we held our first meeting in Goerlitz, where the attendance exceeded the hundred thousand figure. All the roads were crowed with masses of people on foot, on bicycles, and in lorries, all with the same destination.

Hitler spoke as the stars arose in the heavens, and amidst the flaring torches.

Now the crowds recognized the luminous plane carrying our leader, who had just devoted his time to them. Cheers broke out from a hundred thousand throats, drowning even the thunder of our motors, whilst the crowds brandished flaming torches in greeting.

We have experienced the following fact; In Germany, wherever economic and moral distress was greatest, wherever things seemed most intolerable, there, confidence in our leader was strongest, and gripped all the people.

Wherever our leader approached, every man and woman came out. Crowds lined the streets. Aged grandmothers, on whose distressed faces the direst poverty was written, raised their arms in greeting. Wherever we stopped, the women stretched out their children towards our leader. There were tears of joy and emotion.

They used to meet upon the Platterhof. Adolf Hitler would often come in the night fog to the Platterhof, to take counsel with his friends.

The “Conservative State Idea” appropriated our ideas. The most ancient political mummies of the past suddenly appeared upon the scene, and, without shame, claimed the credit for out previous successes.

The Youth stood by Hitler, because it knew that he personified the Nation’s Youth. From the beginning, our leader had valued most highly the immense importance of Youth for the movement. Not the old generation, but a rising generation, uncorrupted by the destructive poison of the world ideas of the ruling classes, could bear the new Germany upon its shoulders.

Finally, on 30th January, 1933, our leader made the short drive over the Wilhelmsplatz to the Reichskanzler’s Office. Amidst boundless cheers. The seige was over, the fortress had fallen, the gates lay open.

The political lie had played a prominent role in all epochs of parliamentary history. But such accumulations of lies and defamations as our opponents have hurled against the awakening young Germany in the course of our 13 years’ struggle have not been experienced.

What National Socialist’s blood does not boil, if he recalls the rapid fire of press lies, that witches Sabbath of infernal songs of hatred, which burst upon the National Socialist Movement every day?

The activity of the Marxist Press against National Socialism, by means of profligacy, unscrupulous lies and base agitation of the public, stands unrivalled throughout the press of the whole world.

But this systematic lying campaign of our opponents was always the best evidence of the moral weakness of their own position. The more desperate their situation was, the more unscrupulous became their press agitation.

The agitation of the Jewish-Marxist Press against the N.S.D.A.P., has been such an essential ingredient of our opponents’ struggle during all these years, that we would be guilty of historical forgery if we did not lay due stress upon this lying campaign in our description of the events.

The National Socialist Party has re-united people and State, it has restored the people to the State, and the State to the people. In this way, an organism, complete within itself, and comprising every function of the life of the community, was born from the Nation itself, in the midst of a decadent people and a corrupt State.

In Nuremberg, the Party represented the German people and the German State, before the eyes of the whole world. This was a more complete, a more morally dignified, and a more imposing representation than the State and Nation have ever previously enjoyed.

If proves the recognition that a new valuation of men, a valuation based upon the laws of nature, is beginning to force its way through from the hearts of the European Nations. It is about to overcome Liberalism, and replace it by a new conception of the living community.

The democratic, parliamentary Liberalism apodictically claimed for itself the eternal title of the most purposeful and best form of representation of the peoples rights. At last with its own eyes, the Nation has recognized National Socialism as the organization of naturally chosen leaders. National Socialism’s achievements in the fields of Socialism, Economy, Administration, and Reformation of the Reich, speak for themselves. In one sweep, these leaders have accomplished what dozens of previous parliamentary, democratic governments vainly attempted in the most deplorable way.

Probably it is an act of justice and compensation, that the German Nation, so sorely afflicted by the world-war, is chosen to lead the way to a better future for the nations.