Here are some quotes from the book “SS Defender against Bolshevism” by Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler:

Most people think Bolshevism is phenomenon that emerged during the present time. Many even believe that Bolshevism – this Jewish organized and led struggle of sub-humanity – is totally new in world history.

It is hence necessary to study a few clear examples of the methods of their struggle from the past to the present time in order to recognize the tactics of the Jewish-Bolshevik enemy.

The Bible gives us one of the historical examples of the radical annihilation of an Aryan folk by Bolshevik-Jewish methods.

The king, who the Bible calls Ahasveros but who was really Xeres, was separated from his Persian wife Basthi by the extremely clever intrigue of the court Jews. The king was influenced by Jewish girls, especially by the Jewish harlot Esther.

We read how, against the will of the folk-oriented and racially-conscious Minister Haman the elaborate Jewish intrigue ended with the unscrupulous and blinded king delivering the loyal Minister Haman to the Jew Mardochei to be hanged. This detestable practice is also seen later throughout history. Mardochei was made Vice-King. He issued orders with that cold-blooded, sober and pitiless calculation typical of Bolshevism. He had the most Persians and all enemies of the Jews in the towns and cities murdered by Jews protected by the king’s edict on a specific day.

It is obvious that the ancient Persian folk never recovered from this blow. One can see the entire tragedy in that this folk, struck and destroyed by Jewish Bolshevism, did not only lose it’s high, pure religion of Zoroastrianism, but also it’s native language. Only after two thousand years were German scholars able to translate the ancient Persian language into German after painstaking, scientific labor.

This is always the path of Bolshevism: A folk’s leadership is cut down. It falls into slavery; economic, cultural, spiritual, psychological and physical slavery. The remnants of the folk, robbed of it’s own value and degenerated by endless race-mixing, disappears within the historically short span of a few centuries. Later one only knows that such a folk once existed.

How many other tragedies – completed or not – have occurred on this earth, we do not know.

First the discontent of Russia’s socially suffering folk is systematically exploited and used for revolutionary propaganda. A number of Russian leaders who wished to abolish serfdom, especially Minister Stolypin, are eliminated before they can carry out their reforms for Russia’s benefit by Jewish anarchists.

Rule passes from the moderate socialist party into the hands of the radical socialist party, the Bolsheviks. Nothing more stands in the way. With the full power of the state the Jews complete the radical slaughter of the good blood that resists them. One could quote from the book of Esther where it says: many Persians become Jews out of fear of the Jews! In the system of the black flag all of the non-Jews of weak character defect to the Jews. They become the executioners helpers and helpful spirits, informers and spies against their own people.

The perfection of these methods of extermination can be seen in the tactics of the Russian Secret Police. Again and again, they themselves systematically organize rebellions with key agents against their own regime in order to again and again find the leaders who would participate in such and uprising and neutralize them. Every resistance leader – every one in this tortured Aryan folk still able to think or even become a leader against the Bolsheviks and the Jews – falls.

You will see that – in Jews, sub-humans and their auxiliary organizations – we are confronted by skillful opponents.

Many things, we teach the SS-man, can be forgiven on this earth, but one thing never, namely disloyalty. Whoever breaks loyalty separates himself from our community. For loyalty is a matter of the heart, never of the mind. The mind might resist. That is often harmful, but never incorrigible. But the heart must always beat the same. It is stops, the man dies – just like a folk dies it is breaks loyalty. Here we mean loyalty of every kind: Loyalty to the Fuehrer and hence to the German/Germanic folk, its will and kind; loyalty to the blood, to our ancestors and our grandchildren; loyalty to our clan; loyalty to the comrade; and loyalty to the irrefutable laws of decency, cleanliness, and chivalry.. One does not only sin against loyalty and honor if one passively allows his or the Schutzstaffel’s honor to be tarnished. He sins against it above all if he does not respect the honor of others, if he mocks things that are sacred to others or if he does not stand up, manly and decently, for the absent, the weak and the defenseless.

We have learned that only the man with this conviction learns modesty even in times of success and avoids the mistakes of over-confidence and arrogance. Likewise only such men can bear times of greatest distress with the same iron calm they showed in times of good fortune, living in Spartan simplicity. We teach our SS-men – beyond the marriage law and the proper mate selection – that our whole struggle, the political struggle of the past fifteen years and the expansion of our Wehrmacht to protect our borders, would all be useless and in vain, if the victory of German spirit is not followed by the victory of the German child. We have made it one of our tasks to do more than talk, rather to proceed through deed and example in our own ranks. We will today and in the future impress on our men that the most holy and valuable person of our folk is the mother who is conscious of her sacred duty, and the German child is the most precious thing.

What do you think of a person who does not believe in God? The answer is: “I consider him arrogant, megalomaniac and dumb. He is not suited for us.”

To clearly present our stand on religion. Be assured that we would not be able to form such and an ironclad corps, if we did not have conviction and faith in a God who stands over us, who created us, our fatherland, our folk and the earth, and who has sent us our Fuehrer.

We are piously convinced that in accordance with the eternal laws of this earth we must stand by every deed, every word and every thought. Everything that our mind thinks up, our tongue speaks, and our hand carries out does not stop with its execution, rather it is a cause that will have an effect, in inescapable course that will return to us and our folk as a blessing or as a curse. Believe me, people with this stance are anything but atheists. We refuse to allow ourselves to be slandered as atheists – through misuse of the term pagan – simply because we as a community do not embrace a particular denomination or dogma or demand this from any of our men. We allow ourselves the right and freedom to draw a sharp and distinct line between religious/church/denominational activity and political/world-view soldiery, and we will fiercely combat any violation. Likewise we teach our men – despite much justified outrage and many bad experiences that our folk has had in this area in the past – to respect everything that is holy to any folk comrade – due to his education and conviction – without any insult in word or deed.

I know there are many people in Germany who feel ill when they see this Black uniform. We understand this and we do not expect that we will be loved by all too many. We should and we will respect all who hold Germany dear. Those who have a bad conscience toward the Fuehrer and the nation should fear us. For these people we have built an organization called Security Service. As the SS we also provide the men for service in the Secret State Police. We will constantly fulfill our task of being the guarantor of Germany’s security internally just like the German Wehrmacht guarantees the protection of the honor, greatness and peace of the Reich externally. We will make sure that never again in Germany, Europe’s heart, the Jewish-Bolshevik revolution of sub-humanity is ignited from within or by emissaries from outside. We will become a pitiless executioner’s sword for all of these forces – whose existence and activity are known to us – on the day of even the slightest attempt, be it today or in decades or in centuries.

I return to the beginning and wish to again stress that Bolshevism is not a contemporary phenomenon that can be debated out of existence or thought away because we wish that. We know him, the Jew, the people comprised of the refuse of all the peoples and nations of this planet, upon who it has stamped its Jewish blood kind. Its wish is world domination, its desire is destruction, its will is extermination, its religion is godlessness and its idea is Bolshevism. We do not underestimate him, because we believe in the divine mission of our folk and we believe in our again resurrected strength through Adolf Hitler’s leadership and work.