Quotes from Alfred Rosenberg:

“The war against Jewry came about because an alien people on German soil arrogated the political and spiritual leadership of the country, and, believing itself triumphant, flaunted it brazenly.”

“The very State that today charges us with crimes against humanity, the United States of America, ought to listen with particular attentiveness to the theories of race and heredity if it wished to preserve its power.”

“The Americans will have to decide whether they want a White America or whether they want to make the choice of the President ever more a question of additional concessions toward mulattoization.”

Quotes from Blood and Honor by Alfred Rosenberg:

He stepped forward in the middle of a shameful psychological collapse, without money and property, without name, a simple soldier. But he felt his folk’s shame and the iron will to one day wash it away. Only today can one measure what it meant to fight alone against an entire world, what faith and what passion were necessary to give oneself, without help, the greatest, apparently impossible goal.

Whoever has had an opportunity to follow Adolf Hitler’s working, that person knows how month by month he became more mature, greater and more persuasive. His fire spread from him to his listeners and, after the collapse of all previous ideas, again planted into their heart a strong faith. Throngs of desperate people again found a pillar for their life, and men who kept watch for a leader of the German folk looked ever more expectantly at the man in Munich.

Jewish orthodoxy was from the start much less a religion than a battle organization dressed in the religious garb for the preservation of the Jewish folk. Every Jewish association is to be viewed from this standpoint.

For example, there was supposed to have been a big Jew pogrom in Cracow, due to which an outcry ran through all the Jewish newspapers. But in the Polish National Assembly the delegate Bruell related: “If I had not been witness to the events in Cracow, I would have indeed believed that there had been a pogrom in Cracow. But now I must ascertain that a pogrom did indeed take place in Cracow, but not against the Jewish , rather against the Polish population.”

An old manifestation repeats itself again. If Jewish exploitation becomes excessive to whatever folk and some turmoil results, there appear in all the newspapers of the world terrible news about Jew butchery, which are taken out of thin air. A classical example of this is provided by the conditions in Russia in the second half of the previous century. Not hindered by any entry restrictions , the Jews had literally overrun this country. Through usury of the worst sort and through brisk brandy trade, the ignorant and harmless folk had come to total dependency. All attempts to restrain the Jewish unscrupulousness legally and energetically failed due to the protest of the great powers, under the influence of the Alliance Israelite.

When then some Romanian officials intervened more energetically against Jewish traders, when the folk became restless, shouts of woe echoed in the Jewish press, and a flood of lying reports came to the patient paper.

All leading anti-Semitic papers have clearly assured that they detest any pogrom. But they just as clearly demanded that in the national hour of fate of the German folk German men stand at the helm. Instead, no day passes when a new Jew personality is not appointed an important post. All demands not to push themselves to the foreground, to control their lust for power, slide off the Jews like water off a duck, all German cries of desperation threaten to fade. Again, it is like in earlier times. Then the Jews sat as Finance Minister and Tax Collector at court, all cries for usury laws from the people and guilds were paralyzed by Jewish money.

Without the immense riches that stand at their disposal, it would not be possible to guide the politics of the world and to make statesmen of all lands to act as puppets of Jewish will.

a rebellion against foreign rule is no longer a take filled is no longer a hate-filled pogrom, rather a sign that the soul of a folk is not yet rotten.

The German Reich, after a long, long time, must become Germany again and not a playground for unleashed Jewish lust for power.

For only today does the time become ripe for the great state synthesis of the 20th century: the synthesis of nationalism and socialism. Nationalism, purified of the profit interests of the economic politicians, socialism, purified of the lunacy of the International and of suicidal class conflict. No longer alliance between hammer and moneybag, rather alliance between hammer, head and sword. The symbol of the alliance is the swastika.

The Center points to the worldview and declares it a “heathen, anti-Catholic race idolization”. It can be said to this that race science determined the diverseness and diverse value of the races, similar to how one makes discoveries in the field of chemistry. Such a discovery cannot be combatted by any kinds of dogmas and excommunications, and the church has already many times had to bow to these facts. When Copernicus presented the heliocentric doctrine, when the flat earth with heaven above and hell before suddenly became a sphere hovering in space, the whole world of dogma rebelled against this new doctrine. Until the year 1827 (!), all works that taught this solar system stood in the index. Copernicus’ worldview naturally also produced a totally different world view than the biblical one, a different look at the world, but this discovery in no way damaged genuine religion, which stems from man’s soul.

And if the state-building character has already been a part of Germanic morality, then it has so mightily revealed itself in the rest of life and in art that a brazenness without equal would be necessary to equate the Hottentot or Jew with Germanic essence. When, for example, the Vandal Stilicho became Rome’s regent, one of his first acts consisted of the banning of gladiator fighting, that most terrible symbol of a decadent, animalized world, which had adopted those horrible games from the Middle Eastern Etruscans. The Eastern Goth Theodorich later did the same thing, who replaced the gladiator massacre with knight tournaments.

Yesterday we had to again report four bestial murders of our comrades. Obviously again made safe by the lifting of the emergency state in Berlin-Brandenburg, instead of an expansion of the region, the murderous scum began its “communist activity” of assassination of decent Germans. The nerves of our daily attacked SA have been stretched to the breaking more.

Blow by blow, so-called political Marxism is exposed as camouflaged criminality. Again and again, the Red seducers had managed to feign to the deceived workers the struggle for social freedoms, when actually everything was just about personal enrichment instincts of the lowest kind (from Barmat to Brolat). Now this enterprise of the red flag saw itself threatened by an awakened folk, while in the criminal of the Liebknecht-House conspiracies were hatched, murders were prepared.

The whole folk, without differentiation of classes, will welcome the energy of the National Socialist government, forever thank it, for only today has it become clear to even the most naïve what communism means, from which Adolf Hitler has saved the nation in the last hour.

And given this realization, the whole weight of responsibility falls on those men falls on those men and parties who ruled Germany the last 14 years. Social Democrats and Center are jointly at fault that the red plague could spread almost unrestrained, these parties did not fight against communism, rather against National Socialist Germany. They allowed the wild propaganda, they undertook nothing when under the bullets or knives of the criminals over the course of the long years one SA man after the other fell. They took almost no notice at all in their press, rather the “black work” of communism seemed to help in their suppression against the German freedom movement.

And the whole German folk will hence stand behind the man who has saved it from the worst end, from criminal rule and folk extermination, behind Adolf Hitler.

If 600 Jewish associations of New York direct the demand to the government of the USA and of other states to undertake steps against Germany, to order the boycott of German wares or even to take a look at armed interventions, then such a demand includes the very greatest world political brazenness. The states of the world are supposed to be executive organs of Jewry whose predominance is threatened, regardless, whether the most important interests as well connect them to the German Reich!

Dr. Bruening wanted to prevent the rise of the National Socialist movement in that he dissolved the SA and SS, our self-defense against murdering Marxism, and in the process dared to portray this persecution in the Reichstag as a state necessity.

Otto Braun, the former Czar of red Prussia, disappeared in a pathetic manner across the border, the other leaders of Social Democracy followed him to foreign countries and now endeavor to stir up the whole hostile world against Germany through a dying and base agitation. Communism, the most active result of the Marxist movement, has been beaten down and all attempts to organize anew will encounter and alert and unshakable defense.

We waited another ten minutes listening to Kahr’s speech when the door was suddenly thrown open with a loud crash and a machine-gun was rolled into the hall by heavily armed men. The machine-gun was pushed by the active criminal commissar of the Bavarian police, party comrade Gerum, in field-grey uniform. That was the signal to strike. Adolf Hitler and his escort Graf, Dr. von Scheubner-Richter and I pulled out pistols out of our pockets, released the safety and walked as four, Adolf Hitler at the front, to the podium amidst dead silence, where the General State Commissar stood mutely. When Adolf Hitler climbed the podium, excited words swelled up to him as well as cries of fear from those who has seen the machine-gun near them, so that the Fuehrer, in order to get quiet, fired a round into the hall ceiling. Then quiet set in.