Here are some quotes from SS Publications:

Germany and its allies have, with great sacrifices, broken the back of Bolshevism threatening all. SS volunteers from neighboring Germanic lands, pettily harassed by their own pro-English countrymen and called traitors, have done the immortal service, through their blood sacrifice, to preserve the honor of their folks from total extinction. Those observers now believe – since without their contribution the especially uncanny Bolshevist threat to them as typical philistines has been largely eliminated – to have the “high honor” to again be able to fully feel themselves to be loyal servants of their English master undisturbed.

We ask how it became possible that predominately Germanic people could surrender themselves so much intellectually, spiritually, economically and politically and, as if hypnotized, become so blindly subservient to the obviously decadent world of western democracies.

Aside from very few exceptions, the Anglo-Saxon and French representatives of western spirit themselves no longer know that they once became capable of building their political and economic power only through the energies of their European homeland, through their Nordic blood legacy. With their extinction or just reduction of these energies, the decline of their states must set in.

What remnants of this old Nordic energy still remain today in the western folks, bleeds to death in this war for alien interests and can no longer stop their defeat.

In this issue men and women from the ranks of the western folks speak to us as well. On the basis of their portrayals we will be able to judge how the slogans “freedom, equality, brotherhood” and “humanity and tolerance” are conducive to the health of a folk.

The fall of ancient Rome teaches us that these manifestations within the western world are the expression of lethal illness. There, too, there was finally no and higher moral bond of the individual to the community, no bond between people through a concept of honor or personal trust. There were no bonds or relationships between them other than purely material, selfish interests, namely money.

Each tried to get money by whatever means, bound by no other consideration than those of one’s own profit, even if it could only be attained through exploitation of fellow men.

So, too, in the democracies of the west. Profit, mammon, the golden calf are the object of divine reverence.

A freedom which ultimately only finds its final expression in a merely drive-based lust for acquisition and pleasure and in lack of any restraint, is no Germanic freedom. It’s clear and logical further and development is the gangsterism even admired by so many harmless Americans.

Even if these European, open or hidden opponents do not see beyond the rim of their purse or feeding trough, none among them can deny that under the price dictatorship of international capital wide circles of the population could only live from hand to mouth; there was hardly a peasant among them who could pass along his property to his children to his children free of debt, despite most diligent work.

But all these unworthy waiting “neutrals” and armchair patriots must be clear about one thing; when the speak the words of western-liberal freedom, and even if that is against their own better knowledge, just to sabotage the new order started by the Reich, then they choose their own executioner. If they offer their lands and their hearts to as hospital asylum to Jewry and its brothers of western spirit, they make themselves proponents of the physical and spiritual decline of their own folks. After the extermination of the valuable, creative, Nordic elements they then, as an inwardly broken mass man, approach a permanent proletarian existence.