Here is a quote from an article by Julius Streicher in 1944:

Der Stürmer, #23/1944, What is Americanism

"The family ties between hundreds of thousands of German families and their American relatives led many to think that America would never join a second war against Germany. Now that that has happened, many Germans still believe that America will never allow Bolshevism to conquer and destroy Germany. Recent events have proven how false and dangerous this idea is. One has to be be foolish or irredeemably stupid to believe that anything good can come to Europe from the land of presumed opportunity. That did not happen after the First World War, and will not happen after the second.

The Jews have made America what it is today: a nation raped by the Jews , a nation whose 130,000,000 people of many colors and races have been forced into helping the Jews achieve world domination!"