Quotes from Dr. Joseph Goebbels:

The historical revolution which, beginning on January 30, 1933, wrought itself out thenceforth in the public life of the Reich before the eyes of the world, has a significance and bearing not immediately to be plumbed and measured. This event rightly bears the name of the German revolution, for it has to do, indeed, with a revolution in values, with the overthrow of an entire world of thought which up to that date had been accepted as a matter of course by the German people.

That which yesterday was paradox, had become a triviality today. Things unthinkable, chimerical but a few months ago, are become today mere matters of course, about which no one makes any further ado.

It was seldom that the men around Adolf Hitler elected to fight the adversary with his own weapons. They knew only too well they could not put a stop to the campaign of lies in the Press by doing so.

Quotes from Goebbels diary:

A well-known officer of high rank, with redoubtable World War record, had scruples whether or not to come over to us. The glaring injustice of our great meeting at the Sportpalast being officially prohibited, put the idea into his head.

If things go on like this, we may predict a great success. Bit by bit we shall force Marxism to its knees.

Another S.A. man shot in Berlin. Public indignation is at the boiling point. Some time or other it will boil over.

Back to Munich by night in a dense fog. The Berlin Press lies till all’s blue. Every time a S.A. man is killed, it declares the victim and not the murderer is guilty!

The Berlin Press is insupportable. It is beginning to asperse our private life without a glimmer of truth in it’s assertions.

Thousands of people awaiting us at the station at Chemnitz. We have entirely conquered this city. A marvelous parade of the S.A. And that in what used to be ‘Red Chemnitz’. I remember with a shudder the year 1925, when I spoke here. During a riotous meeting at the Marmorpalast we had one dead and one hundred and fifty seriously injured. The Communists had occupied three quarters of the hall, and we were in a hopeless minority. That was the beginning; today these ‘Red Fortresses’ are at our feet.

Impossible to continue reading the Berlin Press! Our S.A. men are assaulted with heavy casualties and even fatalities, and the Press mendaciously reports them as having attacked a peaceful suburban garden settlement. The fact that S.A. men are being accompanied home by their comrades, since they would be shot if they went alone, is represented in the Press as an armed attack on the part of our men. The Communists are the innocent victims, and we are accused as the aggressors. That the Jews are such liars is not surprising, as they hang together from the Berliner Tageblatt to the Rote Fahne (Red Flag), but it is scandalous that even our so-called ‘National’ papers should give in to this campaign of misrepresentation. One would like to spit at them.

A small boy of the Hitler Jugend has been stabbed at Moabit (‘Red’ suburb of Berlin). First they hunted the child down, then some fiendish individual brutally plunged a dagger into his breast. The boy managed to crawl into a doorway and cried weakly for help. The marks made by his little blood-stained hands, when he tried to raise himself up for the last time, can still plainly be seen on the white wall.

Reading a pamphlet written by a Democrat on ‘Hitler’s Way’. It is beneath notice. The bourgeois world does not, and surely cannot, understand us. Its arguments always just miss the essentials of the Movement.

The Jew Weiss has prohibited me from speaking in public on account of my demeanor, recently, in Court. The right of free speech seems to depend in this most liberal of all Democracies on a certificate of conduct to be given by the Headquarters of the Police. May the day come when we enter the Headquarters of the Police, knock on a Jew’s door, and inform him that his day is over!

We attend the funeral of our S.A. comrade, Professor Schwartz, murdered at the Kolonie Felseneck. Stirring and heartrending scenes.

I pass the spot in Moabit once more, where the ‘Hitler-Youth boy’, Norkus was stabbed. The bloody finger-marks of the dying child show like a ‘menetekel’ on the white wall.

Something decisive must be done. If it lay with the people we National Socialists would have long attained office.

We bury the ‘Hitler boy’ Norkus on a biting cold day. From the bottom of my heart I speak to the children and men gathered round the narrow coffin. The boy’s father, a simple workman, is brave beyond words. Grief-stricken, with an ashen face, he raises his hand in salute to the strains of the ‘Horst Wessel Lied’, and sings with bitter pride and deep wrath ‘Hold high the flag!’ Outside the churchyard gates the red rabble stands waiting for its victims. This plague must be exterminated like rats.

The Prussian Ministry of the interior has extended the muzzling order against me to include the whole of Prussia.

I consult a lawyer in order to transfer my library to another person’s name. Who knows if a bailiff will not suddenly turn up and confiscate it, because in the eyes of the Government it might be of assistance in preparing a revolution.

When the history of our time comes to be written later on, the valiant deeds of the S.A. are worthy of being placed side by side with the most heroic achievements of our people.

In the afternoon I talk over the final plan for the coming campaign with the Leader. He is splendid to work with, and belongs to those few who, once having given their confidence, leave one to carry on freely by oneself, untrammeled. In the same way as he claims authority for himself, he accords the right of authority to everybody to whom, in their turn, it is necessary. The hostile Press depicts him quite falsely and gives rise to a very erroneous idea of him. There is nobody in the world less qualified for the role of tyrant than Hitler.

These brave old companions have led National Socialism in Berlin victoriously against all obstacles. Once this ‘Red’ bulwark (Berlin) is taken, and the Capital of the Reich reconquered for German Nationality we shall have them to thank for it. One can well understand that they are proud of having fought on our side from the beginning. It required very real patriotism at that time to espouse a seemingly hopeless cause for no sake but its own.

Off and on a bourgeois crosses our path, who is unable to understand the present situation. He uses arguments that merely enter one ear and go out the other. It is useless trying to discuss things with him.

The moment Willikins begins to read a couple of sentences written by me at the end of his address, a police officer rises to close the meeting. He is answered by a wild and deafening hooting.

They seem unable to grasp that we really embody something essentially new, that we cannot and will not be compared to any other party,

Fifteen thousand S.A. men have formed up in the Sportpalast for the roll call.

The S.A. of Berlin is first rate. What opposition and persecution these men have had to endure! They have become steeled though terror and repression. Now, imperturbably, they await the signal to act.

We spend the evening at home with the Leader. We have invited one or two actors, who meet him for the first time, and are amazed to find how little he resembles his portrayal by the Jewish gutter Press.

Leave for Hannover, where I am speaking. The festival hall is packed with six thousand people. It required endless machinations to procure permission for me to speak.

The Marmorpalast evokes ancient memories. Here, once upon a time, broken chairs and table-legs piled up in heaps, and blood stained the floor. Today things are cheerful, and National Socialism is in fine fighting trim.

Sportpalast packed. General meeting of the members of the northern, eastern, and western districts. Immense ovations at the very outset. When after about an hour’s preparation I publicly proclaim that the Leader will come forward as a candidate for the Presidency, a storm of deafening applause rages for nearly ten minutes. Wild ovations for the Leader. The audience rises with shouts of joy. They nearly raise the roof.

The newspapers are one mass of lies.

S.A. man shot in the north of Berlin and two gravely injured. The press becomes contemptibly hypocritical.

The campaign of personal calumny has reached its climax. We must take good care to stand shoulder to shoulder.

Lustgarten. A marvelous sight in spite of snow and frost. Eight thousand have assembled. Indescribable enthusiasm. We have routed all the others. The crowd swears, with hands held high aloft, never to forsake the great cause.

The Jewish Press is a mere concoction of lies.

It is sought be every means to outlaw our proceedings, which are not in the least illegal.

I intend to fly from Tempelhof to Hamburg. Am not allowed to take off! Chicanery of the police! Wait for hours, and finally leave by train in the evening.

The houses of prominent party members are guarded by Storm Troopers for the next few weeks.

Our job now is to scotch the worst of the campaign lies. For instance, a proclamation by the Leader that he resigns his candidature! This lie is propagated mainly in the eastern provinces.

Our press has fought a straight fight. It is worthy of all praise.

If the Leader does not weaken neither will the Organization. He is masterly at a crisis. I have never seen him waver. The attitude of the Press towards us has sunk to the lowest personal level.

The ‘Red’ delegates provoke the Leader beyond all bounds. He suddenly loses patience and gives them the rough edge of his tongue in return. That makes us all feel better.

Various subjects are under discussion. Finally we come to No. 218 (a law against abortion). The Leader takes up the same stand on this subject as does every decent man. This kind of thing must not be allowed to spread or it will become a national evil.

The Angriff again banned for a week. Our other papers have already been banned during the last few days. That means our entire Press is suppressed. On top of this comes the Easter breathing space, but license to speak in public is still withheld. We are condemned to absolute silence.

In the morning the lovely countryside is clad in deep snow. The mountains stand out as clear as crystal above the sleepy little town.

The Jews calumniate us in the most disgusting way, but they won’t they won’t succeed in putting us out of countenance.

Worked out plans. Practice with a pistol. The Leader is an absolutely sure shot.

I begin to understand why the Leader loves being in the mountains. Here it is possible for him to arrive at momentous decisions without being disturbed and distracted by the rush and hurry of life in a great city.

The Party was severely attacked on the subject of its attitude during the last election. Woman is, always has been, and always will be the complement and helpmeet of man. Even in the present economic situation this cannot be altered. Formerly women worked in the fields, now she works in the office. Man organizes life, and woman assists him in its fulfillment.

The author, Hans Grimm, openly announces his allegiance to the Leader. Seven Universities professors do the same.

Groener definitely squashes our Press. That is an open breach of the Constitution. We have hardly any means left us whereby to fight the campaign.

The Jewish Press publishes a falsified bill of the Leader’s at the Kaiserhof. It is impossible induce the Republican law courts to defend out honor. All the forces of Conservatism attack us. We have to lie low until April tenth.

A decent judge at Hannover forbids Hans Noske to go on suppressing the distribution of additional editions of our papers. That is a blow for the Republicans. The police search our house for three hours. We do all we can to irritate and annoy them.

The city is hardly recognizable. Our posters blaze forth on all advertising pillars. Everything is taking its course. The Leader speaks in Saxonia, on Monday, to 250,000 people. He is fit and ready. One hundred and fifty thousand march to the Lustgarten. I deliver the first address. Then the Leader appears. Indescribable enthusiasm prevails. He makes a wonderful speech.

For the moment our propaganda chiefly consists in contradicting lies. A disgusting task, but it has to be done.

The Press continues to spread an incredible number of lies.

This campaign of personal slander causes us lot of bother. At all hours of the day fresh misrepresentations and wrongful imputations continually crop up. Attack follows attack in breathless haste. If this sort of campaign was to be waged for six months, we should all be fit for the mad-house!

We must invent new posters for Prussia. The old ones have one and all been prohibited by Grzesinski.

The entire Movement is swamped by a flood of lies: one is almost crushed by them.

Motor through Berlin. Nothing to be seen but Swastika flags, or red rags.

The conservative parties have been beaten all along the line.

During the night an S.A. man has been shot on the Kreuzberg. The bullet hit him in the middle of the forehead. At midday all flags are draped with mourning.

We have obtained one hundred and sixty mandates, and have thus become the strongest party in the country. In Prussia alone eight millions of voters have declared for us.

In the evening Streicher comes to visit us, and we talk politics till late at night.

The Jew Weiss breaks into the House in full session with his police and stations himself on the Government platform. Members of the Party are arrested.

It is not at all easy to obtain power. Once it is ours, however, we can congratulate ourselves that we have deserved it.

The Bolshevist faction-leader, Pieck, is speaking from the rostrum, and becomes insufferable. One of the Communists hits a party member in the face. That is the signal for a general settlement. It is short, but to the point, and it is fought with inkpots and chair legs for weapons. Our faction is left alone in the hall, victorious, in three minutes. The Communists have been driven out; the parties of the ‘Middle’ have already taken to flight. We sing the Horst Wessel song. The casualties generally, amount to eight seriously wounded. That should be a warning: it is the only way to ensure respect. The Council Chamber is a scene of wreckage.

The S.A. prohibition is going to be cancelled. Uniforms are to be allowed again.

On the way the farmers of the Mark of Brandenburg stop the Leader’s car at the roadside to grasp him by the hand.

If not for us it would only be a matter of a very short time when the Bolshevist revolution would break out. But there is really no object in coming to the assistance of bourgeois-minded politicians.

The S.A. prohibition has been cancelled. Now the prohibition against of meetings must also be cancelled.

The Bolshevist reign of blood is assuming unbearable proportions. The government remains completely inactive against it. Nothing remains for us to do but to defend ourselves.

Every day heaps of letters arrive full of threats, insults, and blackmail.

At noon we bury our murdered comrade, Koester, in a churchyard outside Berlin. Our S.A. are pale with rage and indignation.

One espies files of ‘Red’ murderers slinking along by the walls of houses in the darkness of night. Who may it be who will have to pay with his life, this time? It is enough to drive one mad.

A group of S.A. men coming from the funeral is fired upon out of the Vorwaerts building. Two seriously injured.

The ‘Red’ mob has blocked the surrounding streets, so that it is difficult to reach the meeting hall. But we have so thoroughly well learned how to deal with a situation of this sort in Berlin during the last six years, that little stops us now.

The Government Press in Bavaria has falsified my Sportpalast speech in the most insolent manner, and turned it into an attack in the worst possible taste against the Bavarian people.

At Kiel the whole town displays our flags. The large hall is packed with fifteen thousand people.

With diabolical insolence the ‘Red’ murder columns fall upon our comrades. At Wedding we had one killed and ten seriously injured again. The hospitals refuse to take in our wounded. We have erected our own infirmaries, but lack the necessary funds to keep them suitably equipped.

Despite the unbounded provocation these young men endure, they preserve an incredible and admirable discipline. With them one can achieve a revolution.

With this Government one has to go like a cat on hot bricks. Every outspoken word is forbidden; one must not call a spade a spade.

We drive into Hagen quite openly, uniformed, and in open car. The streets are swarming. Full of the mob and Communist rabble. They block the thoroughfare so that we can neither advance nor go back. There is nothing for it but to drive straight ahead at full speed and give them to understand we don’t care a fig for them! We dash straight through. Each of us has his revolver ready and is decided to pay for his life, if needs be, as dearly as possible.

The ‘Red’ campaign of murder is raging throughout the country. The Government is inactive. Seventeen killed in a few days!

In front of the hotel the ‘Red’ mob is howling. The police refuse to intervene

The Angriff banned again. The ‘Red’ murder campaign is still raging. The moment we defend ourselves the Jewish Press makes a fuss.

Terrible news from Altona. The Communist assault our S.A. on the march in an organized attack. Fifteen dead and fifty seriously wounded. That is open civil war.

We send envoys to General Schleicher. The Government is completely inactive. It’s only to the ‘bloody Sunday’ at Altona is to issue a prohibition to hold further meetings.

The Government attacks us because the Communists fire at us. It forbids our demonstrations because the destroyers of the State and of civilization might be upset thereby.

The Leader’s determination is inexhaustible. He really remains undaunted in the midst of all crisis and dangers.

An attempt on the Leader’s life at Nuremberg has fortunately misfired. He is entirely unhurt.

New men, new ideas, fresh departures. We must presently get rid of conservatism; that is the most important thing next to the overthrow of Marxism.

The Press is full of the most blatant lies. It drivels about antagonisms in the Party, and of disagreements haven taken place between the Leader and his subordinates. We have many a good laugh over all of this.

The idea of the Leader as Vice-Chancellor of a bourgeois cabinet is too ludicrous to be treated seriously. Rather go on struggling for ten years more than accept this offer.

It must not become a Party of ‘Property and Intellectualism’, but remain a Party of the People. It is always to be based on its old fighters, and must help the workmen get bread and work. For that we have struggled and it is for that, that power is so necessary to us.

A lot of spies have sneaked into the Party, and are trying to shake the morale of members of long standing.

He who is fortunate enough to be often with the Leader likes him better from day to day. Not only has he the gift of rapid and correct decision, but personally he has an indescribable aura about him of kindness and hearty good-fellowship, and so captivates everyone who approaches him.

We owe it to our dead to stand stubbornly on our rights, and do our duty for the sake of the cause, even if the struggle should seem hopeless.

One of the most difficult problems is how to provide for the hundreds of our men taken prisoners.

That which is popular to-day will be unpopular tomorrow. We have only to remain firm, and hold fast to our ideas, and never give in.

The evening Press is publishing hypocritical articles against us. Both sides, ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ gloat over our defeat. We have to struggle hard against our own depression;

It is also important that we should bring out a morning paper in Berlin. With one single evening paper we cannot combat the hostile Press of the whole world.

In the evening we saunter through this wonderful of Goethe’s, and are spellbound by its indescribable charm.

Deep depression throughout the organization. Lack of money is making it impossible to do things thoroughly well.

Is this the beginning of 1933? We shall have to stand up and make a fight for it in order to hold our own.

In the night a boy of the Hitler-youth has been murdered.

We march behind the coffin of this murdered boy through eternal walls of men for two and a half hours. The whole S.A., S.S., and Hitler-youth follows. Hundreds of thousands of people are in the streets.

The Leader is a genuine friend; not only in political , but also in private life, he is an extremely generous and benevolent man.

The square looks like a military camp. The Communists are making an uproar in the side-streets. Armed motor cars and machine-guns are everywhere to be seen. The police have posted themselves on the roofs and at the windows facing the Platz, waiting the course of events. Punctually at two o’clock the Leader arrives.

The struggle is a light one now, since we are able to employ all means of the State. Radio and Press are at our disposal.

The Jews in their editorial offices have become quite humble. The terror though has not yet been checked. A new wave of blood is flowing over the country.

The Leader is greeted with frantic cheering. He delivers a fine address containing an outspoken declaration of war against Marxism.

It is very difficult to steer the Party from a state of white-hot opposition into being the instrument, itself, of the State.

Victor Lutze has already assembled his officers as newly appointed President of the Police. Now the wind sets in a very different direction. Formerly we were beaten with clubs, and now we are masters of the land!

Two S.A. men shot in Berlin during the night. They will not go unrevenged.

Forty million people are now standing in the squares and in the streets, or sitting in the Bierhallen and their homes by the Radio, and become conscious that a new era has dawned.

Throngs of people are marching through the streets singing.

Now the constructive part of the German revolution can begin.

Swastika flags are hoisted all over Germany. The nation has a new appearance.

Our outlawed, laughed-at flag is hoisted by the Reich! The flag of the German Revolution!

The Leader remains absolutely the same in his private and public life. He does not surround himself with splendor and luxuries, but appears as usual in his simple brown shirt, and is just as unpretentious in heart as in appearance.

The horrors propaganda abroad gives us much trouble. The many Jews who have left Germany have set all foreign countries against us.

It is a serious error on the part of our opponents to lie so shamelessly about us. They will not be able in the long run to prevent foreign countries getting in touch with us,

Last Easter we were in the thick of the hardest fight for the very existence of our Party. Who, then, could have foreseen that we should be in power a year later?

A vast philanthropic effort has been taken in hand to look after the poor here as well as in the whole Reich.

My mother, who has been calumniated, slandered, belittled, and persecuted for years, and has suffered unspeakably from it. One knows what this sort of thing is like. To be a social outcast is to be mortally stricken. It is torture for an old woman to have heard nothing for years but remarks of pity, or indignation, on account of an unruly son who lives at daggers drawn with Church, State, and Society.

Workmen and bourgeois, high and humble, employers and employees; now these differences are obliterated

The Horst-Wessel Hymn rises to the eternal evening sky. The voices of the million and a half gathered in the Tempelhofer Feld are borne on the ether over the whole country, over towns and villages, and choruses will be joining everywhere.