Here are quotes from a speech delivered by Dr. Joseph Goebbels at the National Socialist Party Congress, Nuernberg, 1937.

"'Spain represents the world at the cross-roads.' Thus wrote the Bolshevic press organ, Die Rundschau, in its issue dated July 22, 1937. That one sentance precisely defines the international significance of the Spanish problem. It states exactly what the Spanish problem is. Here the final decision must lie either with Bolshevism or the principle of Authority. On the one side stands ruinous anarchy and, on the other, orderly constructive development."

"Nations which in recent years have kept their eyes closed to the startling growth of the international Bolshevic menace will one day experience a terrible awakening from this moral narcosis. The fact that we, German National Socialists, as conscious and uncompromising protaganists against the Bolshevic world-front, are still condemned to play the part of a preacher in the wilderness, calling out to deaf ears--this cannot prevent us from seeing things as they are and calling them by their right names. For if the constantly increasing extension of this Bolshevic infection in Europe should cause still greater disaster, then future historians will be in a position to record the fact that we, German National Socialists, were not among those who allowed themselves to be led astray in the universal chaos of thought and mental fog purposely created as a sort of smoke-screen by an insidious epidemic of political propaganda. Nothing could make us deviate in the least from the straight road we have taken.

"From the very nature of the case it is obvious that the subversive forces of International Jewry will raise a tumult of rage when we clearly and dispassionately lay bare the background of this revolutionary developement which is extending through the world. For, after all, they are the only people who are drawing profit forn the chaotic ruin which Bolshevism is bringing upon mankind. That on this account they will swamp us with a torrrent of abuse and lies and calumnies is only an honour for us and a further proof that we are right in warning Europe against this peril."

"The fight which General Franco is waging, with the support of all the constructive elements, against the Bolshevic menace to his native land is at the same time a fight for civilization."

"The Moscow Comintern never tires of impressing on public opinion thoughout the world the theory that the national movement, which on July 17, 1936, intervened in the seething developements in Spain, was a military rising oragnised by reactionary generals and that this rising was definately repudiated by the Spanish people. The truth however is that this national movement was in reality an act of self-defence on the part of the people, against the revolt which had been planned by the Spanish Communist Party for that time and was subsequently postponed to August 1936. This communist revolt had been planned in Moscow several years previously, organized from Moscow and directed from Moscow, and is still being carried out in practice from Moscow today."

"In 1935 the annual funds which Moscow contributed for the support of the Communist Party in Spain totalled several million pesetas, of which two millions were officially acknowledged as having been paid by the Comintern itself. At the 7th World Congress of the Comintern in Moscow, in 1935, Dimitroff gave instructions for the formation of a Front Populaire in Spain. Between February 16 and April 19,1936, 140 people were murdered by gangs of red revolutionaries, and 529 buildings were burned down and destroyed before the Bolshevic Revolution officially broke out."

"We can account for this baffling style of mutual admiration between Bolshevism and Western Liberalist Intellectualism only if we assume it to be some form of mental disease."

"During February and March 101 Russian Soviet aeroplanes were shipped from Reval to Spain. And on March 1st, 50 heavy guns from Soviet Russia were brought overland to Almansa. Recently one single large consignment of was material from Soviet Russia to the Reds in Spain included 100 heavy tanks, 500 medium-sized tanks, 2000 light tanks, 4000 heavy machine guns, 6000 light machine guns and 300 aeroplanes, with their pilots."

"I shall now deal with some instances which will help to give an idea of the extent to which World Liberalism goes in its moral support of the Reds in Spain. I have already emphasized the fact that the marriage between Bolshevism and Democracy presents some uncanny features; indeed one might call them downright perverse. In the historical developement of its activities Democracy has more and more become the political facade of World Capitalism. Bolshevism now carries the democratic principle to its ultimate logical application. We may call it the Democracy of Terror. It increases the pace of that sanguinary and pitiless developement of which Liberalism had already mapped out the path. I might illustrate this point by a rather drastic comparison. In democracy leading heads were out-voted by the counting of heads. In Bolshevism the same result is obtained by chopping off heads with the guillotine. The result in both cases is the same. The heads are wanting. The masses are robbed of their natural leaders and left prey to international Jews, who are now free to exercise their dictatorship by the employment of terrorization and money."

"Pleasing catchwords were used to win the favour of the workers but when the communist leaders came into power social terror became the rule of the day. Among the workers and peasant classes hunger prevailed, as symbol and sign of the Bolshevic rule."

"In keeping with the Soviet Russian pettern, family life and the instituton of marriage are being ruined by this world plague. Degradation of married women, the socialization of women, the martyrdom of children--these are the principles which are in vogue here."

"According to the 'Daily Mail' of August 22, 1936, Twenty-eight nuns from the convent of Santa Clara "were subjected to inconceivable tortures by relays of red maniacs."

"But Bolshevism in practice is nothing better than the most frightful find of barbarism. It is the outward expression of the hatred of the underworld agianst all those who are representative of Western civilization and a cultural level to which Bolshevism can never hope to attain."

"Among the 20,000 churches and monasteries which the Reds have plundered and destroyed many were of historical and architectual significance which cannot be replaced."

"But the churches of the world remain passive to it all and do not seem to have the least suspicion as to the deadly menace that threatens them. This is where Bolshevism shows itself again as the incarnation of evil. Its destructive influence on the popular religious instinct goes to the very roots of that instinct itself. And this ruthless atheistic campaign spares nothing whatsoever which might serve to remind the people of God and religion. The one fact alone that the Fuerer has saved the German churches from this fate should be enough to make them feel bound to remain eternally thankful to him. But instead of this they never tire of going beyond the sphere of their religious duties, interfering in political matters and making their influence felt in a way that has no connection whatsoever with their duties or their divine calling."

"According to indisputable figures based exclusively on Bolshevic statistics, 42,000 priests have been murdered in Russia. Up to February 2,1937, approximately 17,000 priests and monks and eleven bishops were murdered in Spain."

"A Swedish refugee stated, on November 10, 1936: 'I have seen churches on the walls of which the murdered bodies of women were hung, nuns that had been beheaded or burned and whose bodies had been nailed in rows to the church walls."

"The Strassburg paper, 'Der Elsasser', in its issue of February 27, 1937 published the staggering fact that '50,000 Spanish children are at the present moment wandering through Spanish provinces, abandoned and in rags. All public activities for the welfare of the youth have been abolished. And so the youngsters, very often no more than four or five years old, are left no alternative. They stagger along the road in swarms, shivering with cold and are nothing more than wandering skeletons.'"

"One shudders to think what might happen to humanity if this system became universal throughout the world."

"Bolshevism and its 'friendly press' throughout the world lose no opportunity of pointing an accusing finger at the alleged use of terror in countries which are governed according to the principles of authority. The whole world gives a cry of agonizing sympathy when, for example, a Jew in Germany receives a well-earned box on the ears. But what is this when compared with the terror that disrupts whole nations"

"Lenin himself, when asked at the 12th Congress of the Red Party, what were the principles on which Communism relied, answered: 'Murder, destruction, not a stone to be left in place if its removal should be to the advantage of the Revolution.'"

"The Jewish Soviet Ambassador in London finds it convenient to express his moral indignation before the Non-Intervention Committee in London. The world and the League of Nations are hypocritically appealed to. Before these tribunals the Jew Litwinow-Finkelstein plays the part of the civilised philistine and fills Europe with cries of protest."

"The Intenational Brigades which are sent into action on the Red Spanish front are commanded by Soviet officers. Their commander was the Jew, General Kleber."

"We shall not be deterred from pointing to the Jew as the inspirer, the instigator and the beneficiary of the dreadful catastrophe."

"At Barcelona he sits, in the person of Wladimer Bischitzki as director of the international oragnization for the smuggling of arms and munitions, comrades Lurje and Fuchs, of his own racial breed, sitting by his side. His Paris agents are his racial compatriots, Fratkin, Rosenfeld and Schapiro. At Hirtenberg in Austria their collaborator is the Jew, Mandl. In Amsterdam the Jew, Wolf. In Rotteerdam the Jews, Cohen, Gruenfeld, Kirsch, and Simon. In Denmark the Jew, Moses Israel Diamant. In Prague the Jews, Kindler, Kahn, Abter and Hithner. We know them all and we know them well."

"The fact that Western Liberalism closes its eyes to this evil portent is only a sign of its almost childish naivety."

"A struggle for native land and liberty, for honour and family and God and religion, for wife and child, for school and upbringing, for order, moral principle, culture and civilization, for our lives and our daily bread , has begun. In Germany it has already been brought to a triumphant issue."