Dr. Robert Ley:

"Who concerned himself with creating good workplaces before? Today the "Beauty in Labor Office" sees to it that productive people work in worthy surroundings, not in dirty workplaces. The "Kraft durch Freude" organization provides German workers with vacations and relaxation. They travel to the mountains and the beach, and have the chance, often for the first time, to explore their beautiful fatherland. They travel in their own ships to the magical southern seas and countries, or to the splendid beauty of the north. Each German citizen today enjoys the wonderful achievements of German theater and German music, the best German orchestras, the best German operas, theaters and films. Citizens listen to the radio, and play any kind of sport they wish.

Their new activities result not in dissipation, distraction and carnal pleasure, rather in genuine pleasure in physical activity, nature and culture. He who works hard should be able to enjoy life too so that he better appreciates his people. The specter of unemployment no longer haunts the nation. Millions have already found work again, and those who still have not are cared for by the entire nation. Labor representatives see to it that the rights of workers and their honor are not violated, and the factory manager is as responsible for his employees and they are responsible with him for the success of the plant in which they together work...

Everyone knows that there is only one man to thank, Adolf Hitler, the creator of National Socialism, who put the common good above the individual good, who replaced class struggle of "above and below" and "right and left" with a new message of the honor of labor and of service to the people. The National Socialist Labor Service will see to it that this teaching that makes the German worker the bearer of the state never vanishes. It is seeing to it that every German citizen, whatever his occupation may be, first works with his hands for the good of the nation."